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Aquarius Reef Base ebook, first in the Sanctuary Science Series!
This is the first book in the Sanctuary Science SeriesFrom the Florida International University website:  The Medina Aquarius Program is[...]
Get the Reef Growing: Coral Restoration in the Florida Keys
Download this Free ebook! There is good news and bad news about our coral reefs. The bad news is: reefs[...]
Yellow Stingray Population Declines in the Keys – What Does it Mean?
Download this Free ebook! This is the first ebook in the Marine Life Series.One topic that caught my eye was[...]
Mooring Buoy System Invented in the Florida Keys Helps Protect Reefs Everywhere
Download this Free ebook! Watch the video below to learn more about using the Mooring Buoys in the Florida Keys[...]

Test your Marine Life Knowledge

Coral Restoration Quiz
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Angelfish Quiz
Take the Angelfish Quiz to test your knowledge of Angelfish species in the Florida Keys. It's fun! (but maybe not[...]
Goliath Grouper Quiz
Take the Goliath Grouper Quiz to see what you know about this iconic gentle giant of the reef. Should this[...]
Spiegel Grove Quiz
Take the Spiegel Grove Quiz to see what you know about this iconic artificial reef in the Florida Keys. Do[...]

About the Author


Tim Grollimund

Underwater Photographer and Newspaper Columnist

Tim is based in Key Largo, Florida. He wrote the scuba diving column for the local newspaper, The Reporter, for over three years, and also served as a Working Group member and Alternate Representative on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. His ebooks are all based on his newspaper columns. Each ebook has a collection of underwater images shot by Tim. The ebooks cover a wide range of marine life species and ocean conservation topics.