African pompano, butterflyfish cleaning grunts on Molasses Reef – Tim Grollimund Photography

African pompano, butterflyfish cleaning grunts on Molasses Reef

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Saturday, February 25, 2017. Wonderful, bright, sunny, nearly flat calm waters most of the day.

On the first dive we found a butterflyfish cleaning grunts – not something you can get close to a lot of times. If you want to know more about cleaning stations, check out my ebook, or go right to the published scientific papers I used for the ebook.

The real treat on the second dive was a group of young adult African pompanos in very shallow water on top of the reef near the Winch Hole. We saw a few reef sharks, and had a great time with the rest of the usual critters: whitespotted filefish, green moray eel, French and Queen angelfish, bicolor coney (that lives by the winch), and a friendly nurse shark. We also saw a small (maybe 150 pounds) goliath grouper under a ledge – it’s been a while since I have seen one that small – maybe a new resident of the reef!

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