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Goliath Grouper Quiz

By Tim Grollimund / 02/19/2017

Take the Goliath Grouper Quiz to see what you know about this iconic gentle giant of the reef. Should this species be unprotected from fishing?


Wherever You Go, There’s No Place Like Home

By Tim Grollimund / 02/15/2017

A DIVE TIME Column about the perks of coming home to a scuba diving haven other divers travel to for vacation! Kobo iTunes Barnes & Noble Smashwords Amazon Don’t get me wrong – there are many, many places I’d love to see. But coming home to the Florida Keys is an exotic destination in itself. Just look […]


Photo Tour of the Philippines

By Tim Grollimund / 02/15/2017

A DIVE TIME Column highlighting a trip to Dumaguete and Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords iTunes At Atlantis Dumaguete, I saw a whole host of things I’d never had the opportunity to photograph before. The mandarin fish mating dance, a pregnant mantis shrimp, a blue ribbon eel and sea […]


Goliath Grouper… Gentle Giants of the Reef

By Tim Grollimund / 02/14/2017

This is the fourth ebook in the Marine Life Series. Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords iTunes Take the Goliath Grouper quiz! Itʼs common knowledge that Goliath groupers were nearly wiped out by overfishing up through the 1980s. Even though Goliath groupers have staged a comeback – estimates are about 35 percent compared to earlier […]


French Reef offers some surprises

By Tim Grollimund / 01/25/2017

We went to French Reef last Friday. The current on Molasses Reef was too swift. We had a great encounter with a large green moray eel, found a few big crabs, and despite limited visibility had a terrific time in the water.


Angels on the Reef

By Tim Grollimund / 01/24/2017

This is the third ebook in the Marine Life Series. Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords Kobo iTunes I always try to photograph angelfish.  My image inventory probably has more angelfish photos than any other group.  They are the most colorful and beautiful animals on the reef, in my opinion. Some are very shy, like Rock […]


Smashwords Author Interview

By Tim Grollimund / 12/30/2016

Click this link to see the full author interview on Smashwords. Here is one of the Q/A: What is your writing process? When I was writing the newspaper columns, I had a restriction on the word count (1,000 words) and a Monday morning deadline. For the marine science and marine life topics, I usually spent […]


Kindle Book: Anatomy of a Photo Contest

By Tim Grollimund / 12/27/2016

From January 2011 to April 2014 I wrote a bi-weekly column called DIVE TIME for The Reporter in the Upper Keys. Each time I wrote a column, I included a small collection of images for the editor to choose from for the print edition. The editor did not have the space available in the print edition […]

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