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Wreck Series

The Key Largo area has several wrecks that attract divers from all over the world. The wrecks that get the most attention in the Key Largo area are the Spiegel Grove, Duane and Benwood.


Topics include:

  • Spiegel Grove: the most popular wreck in Key Largo. Over 500 feet long, diving depth from 65 to 130 feet.
  • Duane and Bibb: Sunk as artificial reefs in the 1980s, these were the trend setters for using decommissioned Navy ships as artificial reefs in the Florida Keys. The exposed prop on the Bibb is a highlight of that deep dive.
  • Benwood: A great spot for diving and checkout dives for newbies. It’s a shallow dive, also well known for quality night dives.

The table below will has the titles in this series.  As Pre-Order dates are confirmed, the table will be updated, so check back from time to time.

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Diving the Spiegel Grove... Wreck or Reef?


Wreck of the Benwood: a Comfortable Challenge



A Shout Out to the Spiegel Grove



A Different Kind of Weekend: the Mohawk



Winter Relief on the Duane



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