Hogfish Heaven? – Tim Grollimund Photography

Hogfish Heaven?


A Marine Life Series Column about hogfish, and the challenges that the species faces as a sustainable fishery


"Hogfish got their name because they root around the sea floor, like a hog roots around the barnyard. They are opportunistic feeders, like their barnyard counterparts, but feed mostly on crabs and mollusks.  We have three species here: Spanish, spotfin and the big kahuna, Lachnolaimus maximus.

I have been following the size limit discussions for the last several years, and I have to agree with some of the spearos.  They don’t want the size limit bumped up to eighteen inches. I have seen some discussions on a fourteen to sixteen inch change.  I have only seen a few hogfish that would meet the new size limit - and I’m not telling any spearos where they are!

To me the essential point is this: if we don’t increase the size limit and let them grow another year or two, the chances of maintaining a sustainable fishery may be a huge issue in the future."

About the author

Tim Grollimund

Tim is based in Key Largo, Florida. He wrote the scuba diving column for the local newspaper, The Reporter, for over three years, and also served as a Working Group member and Alternate Representative on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. His ebooks are all based on his newspaper columns. Each ebook has a collection of underwater images shot by Tim. The ebooks cover a wide range of marine life species and ocean conservation topics.

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