Marine Life Series – Tim Grollimund Photography

Marine Life Series

Bonus: The first ebook in this series is Free! Look for “Yellow Stingray Population Declines in the Keys – What Does it Mean?”*

There are over 30 ebooks in this group. Many of the columns were species-specific. These were the most fun to write, since they were based on an innate curiosity for something I saw or wanted to know about a particular animal.

Topics include:

  • Iconic species: eels, eagle rays, Goliath groupers, whale sharks, angelfish, barracuda, octopus, and more…
  • Coral restoration efforts in the Florida Keys
  • Behavior: cleaning stations, schooling, relationships on the reef
  • Small critters: hamlets, butterfly fish, trunk fishes, wrasses, blennies, damsels, and more…
  • Gamefish and others: hogfish, permit, porgies, scorpionfish, snook, spadefish, trumpetfish, filefish, and more…

The variety of life on the reef can be quite exhilarating. I hope you share my enthusiasm as you dive deep into this abundance of species. The table below will expand as more titles are added and Pre-Order dates confirmed, so check back from time to time.

* The first eBook "Yellow Stingray Population Declines in the Keys – What Does it Mean?" will not be available on Amazon.