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Other Topics

There are 11 ebooks in this group. These topics do not fit in any of the series, but were well received by readers when published in The Reporter. This batch of ebooks also includes pieces from my trips to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Here are the titles:

New ebooks in the Other Topics category will go on Pre-Order one at a time. During the Pre-order period, you can reserve your ebook for only $0.99. This price will only be available on selected retailers, like Kobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble. Pre-order prices will not be available on Smashwords. That’s a 67% discount off the Retail Price during the Pre-Order period!

On the Release date, the price will go up to the normal price of $2.99, and the books will be available on Smashwords and Amazon in addition to the other retailers.  

* "Anatomy of a Photo Contest" is currently only available on Amazon. This title will be revised and released for other retailers at a later date.  

** Not available on Amazon