Sanctuary Science Series – Tim Grollimund Photography

Sanctuary Science Series

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This series focuses on a wide range of scientific topics. Several of these were associated with my trips to Aquarius Reef Base. The others were primarily from the time I spent as a Working Group Member and an Alternate Representative for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.

There are 25 ebooks in this series.  A loose generalization of the topics includes:

  • A summary of the FKNMS Conditions report that formed the basis of information for the Working Groups
  • The connectivity and resilience of the reef system
  • The size, shape and placement of protected areas in the Florida Keys
  • The relevance of spawning areas and the importance of temporal restrictions during spawning seasons
  • The food chain, and how fishing pressure has potential unintended consequences

Over the years I wrote the newspaper columns, these topics generated the most spirited discussions in the Working Group meetings. Only time will tell if the conservation or the commercial interests prevail. In the next couple of years new regulations and boundaries will be released. Based on my experience, extreme opposition to increase protected areas from some groups may have a negative environmental impact on the health of the reef.  The Florida Keys are in trouble. It's all outlined in the Sanctuary Science Series.

Titles coming soon in the Sanctuary Science Series:




Aquarius Habitat is Unique in the World (FREE)*



Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Faces Challenges



Supersized Sex on the Reef



Sponges, Part 2



Giving the Reef a Little Respect



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* The first eBook "Aquarius Habitat is Unique in the World" will not be available on Amazon.