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Coral Restoration Quiz

By Tim Grollimund / 02/04/2017

Take the Coral Restoration Quiz to test your knowledge of the important restoration efforts underway in the Florida Keys. How does a coral nursery work?  


Get the Reef Growing: Coral Restoration in the Florida Keys

By Tim Grollimund / 12/28/2016

Download this Free ebook! There is good news and bad news about our coral reefs. The bad news is: reefs around the world are in trouble. The good news is: there is a wholehearted effort to combat reef degradation at the local level. The Coral Restoration Foundation, in Key Largo, Florida, is a pioneer in […]


Coral Restoration Foundation International in Alert Diver Magazine

By Tim Grollimund / 12/27/2016

Here is a recent article about Coral Restoration Foundation in Alert Diver magazine from Divers Alert Network. This is about their new effort to expand internationally. This was a fun article to do, as I dove with them to plant the first cultivated corals from the Ocean Reef Club nursery on Carysfort reef near the […]