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Snook Recover After 2010 Cold Snap

By Tim Grollimund / 07/31/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about the recovery of snook after a devastating cold spell, and the effectiveness of marine protected areas Smashwords “An interesting aspect of the snook population is documented in the telemetry study from the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.  They acoustically tagged 30 snook in the 9-square mile Banana River […]


The Eagle Has Landed… or Not

By Tim Grollimund / 07/28/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about the spotted eagle ray population in the Florida Keys Smashwords One of the most popular charismatic mega fauna in our waters is the spotted eagle ray.  Kim Bassos-Hull, from Mote Marine Laboratory, has been studying spotted eagle rays (SERs) since 2009.  Her work has centered primarily along the coast […]


Oh! Those Sweet Red Lips!

By Tim Grollimund / 07/26/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about redlip blennies and how the mating process works Smashwords I want to spend more time watching redlip blennies.  They mate beginning at first light in two week cycles that start ten days before the full moon.  The mating sessions last about three hours each morning, and males generally have […]


Damselfish May Be More Aggressive Than You Think

By Tim Grollimund / 07/26/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about damselfish and their aggressive behavior on the reef Smashwords “How aggressive are damselfish, pound for pound? As it turns out, divers invading their space is not the only thing damselfish exhibit aggression over.  I don’t blame them for defending their territory when I’m trying to get a shot.  That’s […]


Spadefish Have to Dig Their Way Out of a Hole

By Tim Grollimund / 07/25/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about spadefish and the effects of environmental conditions on their well-being Smashwords “Spadefish are the only species of its family that reside in the Western Atlantic. In the Pacific there are at least six species of spadefish, where they are also commonly known as batfish. While they are common in […]


Wrasses: the Smartest Fish?

By Tim Grollimund / 06/10/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about wrasses and their behavior on  the reef Smashwords “While I was researching goatfish for the last column, I realized there is another group I have not paid enough attention to in my reef travels.  Wrasses.  This is a large and diverse family.  Wrasses seem to be everywhere.  They are […]


This Goat Is a Hero

By Tim Grollimund / 06/09/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about goatfish and the critical role they play in reef ecosystems Smashwords “Classified as a “nuclear” species, goatfish truly play a leadership role.  Other species are attracted to the substratum-disturbing foraging.   And when several goatfish are involved in the fray, the groupies increase in number and diversity.Single goatfish usually […]


All Puffed Up

By Tim Grollimund / 06/08/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about puffer fish and their toxins Smashwords Puffers are related to boxfish, and are also toxic, but in a different way.  I found many references to two toxins, tetrodotoxin (TTX) and saxitoxin (STX), which are nerve agents.  They are chemically distinct, but act on the nervous system similarly.  And of […]


A Whale of a Good Time (maybe)

By Tim Grollimund / 06/07/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about whale sharks and the staged ecotourism experience in the Philippines Smashwords “As I stood on the boat with my morning coffee and watched the people pile in the boats and head out to the whale sharks, my immediate reaction was “we are in a whale shark theme park”.   […]


Let’s Wake Up an Eel and Go Hunting

By Tim Grollimund / 06/05/2017

A Marine Life Series Column about eels, and their unique charactieristics Smashwords “While the vast majority of observations during the day are while eels are resting or on a cleaning station, a few times I have seen an eel coupled with a grouper. The first time I saw this was on the Winch Hole.  A […]

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